How to fix cracks or fissures in the wall

In this post we will see how simple it is to repair a crack in the wall. A necessary job and prior to painting.

The day always comes when we consider giving our room a hand of paint, or changing the color of the wall. Painting is one of the simplest tasks that exist in DIY, but like everything in life it takes time and some effort.

Let’s think about what painting involves. Furniture needs to be removed or covered, walls cleaned of dust, perhaps primed, masking tape, etc. When you have everything half ready, you suddenly realize that there is a huge crack in the wall. Yes, I know, for a moment it occurs to you to paint directly on the crack, thinking that doing it like this “will not show itself.” But it’s not the way, believe me. Cracks are not repaired by layering and layering of paint. But let’s know something more about the fissures or cracks.

Why do cracks occur?

Cracks are produced by multiple causes, usually related to the settlement of the foundation of our home. If there is a change in the balance between the land where our house is located and the foundation, the crack occurs. Obviously it is not the same to have a home in the country, individual than in a building in the city, but these are some of the causes that can cause them:

  • Losses in the sanitation or sewerage network
  • Trees with roots capable of lifting the foundation or damaging it, Ficus type.
  • Vibrations from excavations in the periphery, etc.

What to do when you’re seeing Cracks in Your Walls

The first thing is to observe the crack, if it is small it has a solution but if it is several centimeters or I can even see what is behind it, it is best to call a technician to verify that our house does not have structural problems.

Clean the wall surface

The normal thing is that the crack is small, in that case what you have to do first is clean the area that we are going to deal with. You can help yourself with a brush or a dry cloth. If the crack reaches the ceiling, you can help yourself with a broom. Once the surface of the wall is clean, it is time to fill.

Fill in the crack

There are several materials that we can find already prepared in large DIY specialist surfaces. These materials will save us time and are ideal for beginners. You just have to fill the crack carefully and with the help of a spatula.

However, I prefer to use powdered materials, to which you then add water and they are ready for use. I prefer the latter, since they are much cheaper and come in greater quantity. I save myself a lap of the DIY center and make sure I will have enough mix at home.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are different preparations or putties: aguaplast, plaster, fibrated putty, paste fillers, etc.

It is my favorite product for these simple jobs, where the fissure that we fill is very fine, although it may be very long (that does not matter). It is a product that performs and works very well for these jobs. Now, I recommend buying the powder version.

Mix the ingredients following the instructions in a plastic jar, when it is creamy, apply it on the crack with the help of the spatula. Do not put more product than necessary

Wait for the product to dry

Apply the product all over the crack, taking care to apply it over the entire surface of it. We do not need to put more product than the account, since then we will have to sand the wall and we will have more work to do. Remember that in the instructions of the product you have used, the time necessary for it to dry well is mentioned.

Time is a guide, if the treated surface is very large, and the climate is humid, it will take longer to dry. If therefore, the crack is super small, it will not be necessary to wait as long as it is indicated on the package. The important thing is that it is very dry, to be able to go to the next step.

Sand the treated surface well

For most cases of cracks in the wall, we will not need a power sander, but a simple block of fine-grained sandpaper.

Loose sheets of sandpaper are cheaper than dowels. If you want to save, buy a block and several sheets of sandpaper of different weights. Wrap your block with the sandpaper and “done”


You can skip this step, but from my point of view it is important to do it. Adding a coat of primer to a treated surface saves paint and ensures that the color will hold well.

There are also many special primer products for walls, I chose a white brand.

Wait for the primer to dry

Read the instructions for the product you used to prime the wall, and respect the drying times.

Paint your wall with the desired color

It was time to paint the wall and renovate the room. If you have decided to paint the room with the same color that you had before, you cannot just paint the crack and nothing else. You will have to paint all that cloth (wall).

It does not matter that the color is the same as the one you used at the time, or that you go to a store and request that exact color. No matter how exact the time is, the color will have changed significantly and the patch will be noticeable.

If you don’t want to paint the entire room, paint the affected wall at least

Color drying

To make the paint look great, you need to give two coats. If you are going to radically change color, you may have to put up to three coats of paint. Remember to respect the regulation drying time between coats. The time depends on the paint used and the atmospheric conditions, but at least 6 hours between coats.

Only when the paint is completely dry do you see the final result. SPARKLY!

Steps followed

Materials employed

  • Axton Smoothing Powder Plaste
  • Fine-grit sandpaper block
  • Spatula about 102 mm
  • Flat painter brush
  • Special basic primer for walls
  • Paint purchased from local supplier.


  • It will be super professional
  • You won’t have to do this job again
  • You can paint your wall in any color and it won’t show


  • If you don’t repair the wall, the crack will continue to show, no matter how much paint you give it.
  • You are going to spend much more paint than necessary
  • It will cost you more money and time in the long run

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